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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm pat lawson muse in for barbara harrison. this is tuesday, july 12th, 2011. we begin this morning with the threat of dangerous heat today. this morning, the national mall was packed with joggers who were trying to avoid this afternoon's oppress i haive heat and humidi. at 7:00 this morning, the temperature was already near 80. taking a look outside right now, we're at 88 degrees, and the national weather service has issued a heat advisory already. tom kierein joins us now from
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the weather center with our first forecast. tom? >> yeah, pat, already, it's near 90 degrees throughout much of the region. we've had the sky go mostly sunny after some morning clouds swept away, and now it's 89 at reagan national. and we are near 90 throughout most of the region, except right near the bay, wind off the water. ocean city, though, is at 90 degrees, and it's near 90 throughout most of virginia and maryland, as well as the eastern shore. out in the mountains, though, it's cooler there. out in western maryland and the high spots in west virginia are in the 70s to near 80 now. but over the last 12 hours, the morning cloud cover has drifted off to the south and east, and that has allowed those heating rays of sun to begin to really crank our temperature up. in fact, this afternoon, we'll be up near 100 degrees by midafternoon. the heat index, that combination of the temperature and humidity, it will make it feel like over 105. and in addition, unhealthy air quality building, with air pollution building during the
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afternoon. anybody with a respiratory or heart ailment should definitely stay inside. unless you have to be out, stay cool, stay in the ac. it is dangerously, going to be dangerously hot by midafternoon. we'll take a look at a break on the way, though. a fresh change moving in. that will be coming up in just a few minutes, pat. >> all right. thank you, tom. many people have to work in this extreme heat. they and others are doing what they can to stay cool in the potentially dangerous conditions. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at this hour at the national mall with details on how things are down there and how folks are coping. megan? >> reporter: well, pat, it is brutal down here. normally we build up to the heat of the midday, but we started out hot this morning. right around 80 degrees at dupont circle when we were there early this morning, around 4:30, 5:00 in the morning. so it is definitely getting hot. the sun is out. it is very, very difficult out here. now, of course, there are a lot of folks who have to work. they have no choice. they work outside.
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here on the mall, you've got a lot of people who are here on vacations. they want to get out and see the sights. you can bet that everyone's doing what they can to try to stay cool. >> you know, with the grace of god, we're going to make it through the day. >> reporter: before the city even woke, trash collectors were out memptying the bins and dumpsters. on days like this, they go to work early and leave early. >> we start out early. that's the key. and we just keep hydrated. i mean, you know, plenty of fluids. they have that for us in the morning. so you know, the job with furnishes ice and water. >> reporter: this jogger had the same idea. she's out about an hour earlier than normal. even so, there is no escaping that humidity. >> it really is a lot of humidity. you know, when you say 77 on that reader board over there, that doesn't sound so bad, but believe me, it feels terrible, and it's because i feel like i'm running through jell-o or something. >> reporter: are you going to call it quits earlier?
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>> it might happen, absolutely. >> reporter: this is dangerous heat. if you aren't careful, you could find yourself in trouble. heat exhaustion and heatstroke are possible on days like this. the elderly and the young are at increased risk, as are people with diabetes, respiratory problems, even people on high blood pressure medication. >> especially if you're feeling very hot, but if you start to feel tired, dizzy, muscle weakness or nausea, that should be an alert to get out of the heat and seek medical attention. >> reporter: and if you do start to feel some of the symptoms or exhibit some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion, dr. mint says first thing you should do is immediately get inside, get into some air-conditioning, and get yourself some water, then call 911. pat, back to you. >> megan mcgrath, down on the mall this morning. thank you, megan. new today, police say an 8-year-old boy abducted in baltimore has been found. he's safe.
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and the man suspected of taking him is now in police custody. authorities say they found derrick brown jr. in an abandoned house about half a mile from where he was taken. a neighbor saw his picture on tv and called police. detectives found him after a ransom request from the suspected abductor. the overnight search for the little boy started yesterday evening. baltimore police said a man stopped a car near several children and put the child in his trunk. police are looking for a second man who was in that car at the time of the abduction. right now, the d.c. council is meeting. on the agenda, a bill that will put the city in charge of gun distribution. right now, there are no gun dealers in the district. under this plan, gun buyers would be allowed to buy guns anywhere that handgun sales are legal. those guns would then be shipped to certain d.c. government offices, where buyers could pick them up. federal law prohibits d.c. residents from buying handguns outside the city and then transporting them into the
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district. montgomery county may expand its smoking ban. the county council is also meeting right now. they're taking up a proposal that would make it illegal to light up in certain residential areas. the council would ban smoking in shared spaces, such as hallways, lobbies, or laundry rooms. the health and human services committee approved this measure last month. smoking at workplaces and in restaurants is already banned in montgomery county. the montgomery council is also considering imposing a teen curfew. if approved, those 18 years old and under would have to be off the street from 11:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning sunday through thursday. the curfew would kick in at midnight on weekends. parents and guardians would be held responsible for minors who violate the new curfew. right now crews are working to repair a major gas leak off i-270 in montgomery county. at one point yesterday, authorities considered it a potentially dangerous situation, and they shut down the
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interstate in both directions in clarksburg. news 4's tracee wilkins has the latest now on repairs made since the road reopened. >> reporter: we'd love to say that washington gas is actually working to repair the main, but before they can do that, contractors are going to have to do this. get all of that mud out of that 20-foot hole so that they can actually get to the main. blame it on the rain. officials say last night's storm has set back work to repair a ruptured gas main in clarksburg. >> we had considerable rain yesterday. therefore, the main is located right now under about 20 feet of mud. once the mud is removed, then washington gas and the contractors can go into the hole and assess the damage. >> reporter: washington gas contracted a company to dig a 20-foot plus hole into the ground and insert a trench so that the gas company could repair a gas valve. as the contractors inserted the beams necessary to build the trench, one beam hit an 8-inch gas main, causing the rupture.
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>> when the pipe was broken, it blew the windshield out of thet excavator. the employees around the hole evacuated immediately. >> reporter: montgomery county fire officials decided to shut down both directions of i-270 for several miles in upper montgomery county. they feared that the fast-moving gas had mix eed enough to causen explosion if someone on 270 disposed of a cigarette or there was a spark from a passing car. >> we could feel the percussion, and we were several yards away from it. it was pumping out gas at a high pressure, diverting the road around with it. >> reporter: montgomery county spokesperson says the gas company still allowing a safe amount of gas to leak from the pipe, in part to help them locate it again. while officials say today's work may mean closing some lanes of 121 at some point, they don't expect it to impact i-270.
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but no regrets for the decision to close the highway during evening rush yesterday. >> while we know, and we acknowledge that it was an extreme, extreme inconvenience from a traffic perspective, there were no lives lost, there was not a single person hurt, and that's our job. >> reporter: spokesman with washington gas say it's too soon to come up with a timeline for how long all the work's going to take. they'll have to actually take a look at that main and assess the damage before they can begin to do that. in clarksburg, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. speed cameras are it shall today in prince george's county, specifically where to put the cameras. county council will take public suggestions about where to locate more than 100 cameras. the county wants them placed in school zones. drivers caught speeding in school zones could face $40 fines. if you would like to weigh in on where the cameras should go, you need to register with the office of the clerk of the council. the public hearing starts at 1:30 this afternoon at the
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county administration building in upper marlboro. there is an unusual fight brewing over school redistricting in fairfax county this morning. some students and parents are rallying against a plan that would move them to a higher-rated school district. the fairfax school board wants to move poe middle and annandale high school students to frost middle and woodson high schools. they're considered better but less diverse schools. and that's what had students talking at a public hearing last night. >> moving to a different high school would disrupt the balance and the integrity of this school. not only would the school be unbalanced, but the sports teams, performing arts, and academics will be severely altered and will not be as strong as it is today. >> woodson has plenty of space for the additional students. it's a great school and kids are not going to find it difficult to be accepted. >> the fairfax county school board is expected to vote on the issue july 28th. our time now is 11:10. coming up on "news 4 midday,"
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it's a busy day at the international space station. the historic space walk and why shuttle astronauts are extending their stay. plus, you just clip it on and the bugs don't bite. at least that's what a new product promises. but does it work and is it safe? we'll ask a dermatologist. stay with us
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we're following a developing story in afghanistan this morning. a bodyguard has assassinated the half-brother of afghan president
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hamid karzai. hamid wally karzai was head of the kandahar provincial council. he recently was accused of being on the cia payroll and of being involved in drug trafficking. he denied the charges. this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility for his assassination. wikileaks' editor in chief, julian assange, was in court today, appealing extradition to sweden. he's accused of sexually assaulting two women. assange denies the allegations. many of his supporters say it's a conspiracy to keep assange and wikileaks from exposing anymore government secrets. in just a couple of hours, congressional leaders will head back to the white house with the clock quickly ticking toward the debt limit deadline. so far there's been little progress and now the president is turning up the heat. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> this is the same shot you had
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yesterday, except we're wearing ties today. >> reporter: the president pointing out, we've been here before. and those close to the talks say little but the dress code is changing. the two sides still far apart on spending cuts and taxes. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> reporter: the president says he'll put the democrats' so-called sacred cows like social security and medicare on the table, but insists republicans need to be open to tax changes that would go into effect in 2013. >> no tax increases ever on the table. there was never any agreement to allow tax rates to go up, in any discussion i've ever had with the white house. not once. >> reporter: but republicans still can't find agreement on the $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction they want to allow the government to pay its bills through 2012.
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the one thing the sides do agree on, that something needs to be done soon. >> it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> reporter: so they will try again, meeting this afternoon. the president insists they have to reach a deal soon, vowing he is not going to sign any type of temporary extension. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. in decision 2012, michele bachmann is gaining fresh momentum in her bid for the republican presidential nomination. she topped a new poll conducted by the "iowa republican." the minnesota representative was favored by 21% of likely caucusgoers. mitt romney got 21%, former minnesota governor, tim pawlenty, rounded out the top three with a distant 9%. this afternoon, first lady
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michelle obama and three former first ladies will be among those honoring the life of former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford actually planned her own memorial service. she chose former first lady rosalyn carter and journalist coky roberts to deliver jew eulogies. mrs. ford founded the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction after announcing her own long-running battle with alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. she will be intered alongside her late husband, president gerald ford, in michigan. there is history happening at this hour right now in space. you're looking live at this photo of the kennedy space center. two "atlantis" astronauts are making nasa's very last spacewalk of the shuttle era today. they're retrieving a broken ammonia pump and setting up a robotic fueling experiment outside the international space station. the space walk should wrap up this afternoon.
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nasa extended the "atlantis" mission by an extra day so the crew can help unload four tons of food, clothing and other supplies. the shuttle will now return to earth on thursday, july 21st, at 5:56 in the morning. hopefully it will be a cooler morning when they come back home. >> yeah. and i talked to one of the space shuttle astronauts who did a spacewalk one time, and he says, when you're out there and you're not surrounded by anything, you feel like you're constant falling, and it's a very, very unsettling thing. but once you get over it, then you're okay, okay, there's the earth down there -- >> you get used to not having a floor under your feet. >> exactly. exactly. here, we're trying to deal with heat, excessive heat building nearby, later this afternoon. right now, it is certainly uncomfortably hot. there's the capitol dome. you could probably fry an egg on the capitol dome right now. you can see that summer haze in the air. right now reagan national's at 89 degrees. the record high today, just 10
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degrees up from where we are now. in 1908 on july the 12th, got up to 99. so we may be coming very close to the record high later this afternoon. right now, throughout the entire region, it's in the 80s to near 90 degrees. from the shenandoah valley and across most of maryland, virginia, and the eastern shore, around the bay, it is hot. ocean city, now up to 91. salisbury's at 90. we're hovering upper 80s to near 90 in most of the region. except in the months, they are in the 70s, some of the higher elevations there. but look at the highs later today, from southern new england all the way through the mid-atlantic states all the way down through florida and through much of the midwest. we will have high temperatures into the 90s near 100 throughout much of maryland and virginia. and on the eastern shore. and over the last 12 hours, we had the last of the morning clouds exiting to the south and east. the upper level flow's out of the north and west. it is tapping some drier air, but it's way back in the upper midwest. it's going to take a while
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before that does arrive. and when it does arrive, we will have a fresh change occurring, but that's not going to happen until tomorrow. the leading edge of some of this drier air is pushing into the upper midwest now. they're getting some showers there, but no bad storms like yesterday. that is going to be coming down our way. this front by later today and into tonight, that's when we might have an isolated shower or thundershower. otherwise, looks like a drier pattern coming in during the day on wednesday. and it's going to be in place through thursday and friday. then over the weekend, getting a little more humid, but not the sweltering humidity that we have right now. so just this one final day of excessive heat, but still rather hot tomorrow. then a nice break coming in. so for the rest of the afternoon, we'll have a hazy, hot afternoon. that heat index, the combination of the temperature and humidity, it will be up around 105 or so by midafternoon. and in addition, we've got unhealthy air quality. that will be build as the air pollution builds during the afternoon commute. so it will certainly be unhealthy for anyone with a
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heart or respiratory ailment to be out, just with that alone, let alone the temperatures up around 100 degrees, perhaps around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 is when it will be hovering near 100. and then by early evening, wheal be down into the 90s. a slight chance of a thunderstorm popping up, perhaps around 6:00 this afternoon, this evening, and through all the way until around midnight. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm popping up. then by dawn, tomorrow, we'll be down into the low 70s and during the day on wednesday, should be partly cloudy as some of that drier air gradually moves in. there's just a slight chance of a storm tomorrow. highs reaching the low 90s on wednesday. and then thursday and friday is when we'll really notice the fresh change and a welcome change at that. it will be in the 60s in the mornings. afternoon highs, mid-80s, thursday and friday, and over the weekend as well. pleasant weather. not too humid. just a small chance of an afternoon storm on saturday or sunday. and monday getting a little bit more humid again, but not excessive heat, maybe up around 90 monday. >> all right. thank you, tom. still ahead on "news 4
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midday," lawmakers on capitol hill are talking about bedbugs this morning. we'll tell you why. plus, free events in ocean city. where to find the deels. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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ocean city, maryland, is famous, of course, for its beaches and boardwalk, but it will soon get a lot of attention for the extreme sporting event that it's going to be hosting. barbara harrison sat down with the city's mayor for more on the summer event. >> reporter: after a busy fourth of july weekend, ocean city is preparing for another big event. ocean city mayor rick meehan joins us this morning with details. good morning. >> good morning, good to be here. >> so nice to see you again. busy weekend you had this past weekend. >> we've been busy every weekend in ocean city, the weather's been great, the crowds have been fantastic. everyone seems to be enjoying their time in ocean city. >> and i understand that things are better than ever. your best year in a while. >> they are. memorial day weekend was a record weekend. looks like the july 4th weekend was a record weekend. so everybody's coming out, they want to get to the beach, they want to share some time with their family and friends. where better to do that than ocean city. >> is there any explanation as to why it was better than it was
11:26 am
even just a year, two years ago? >> i think we're a short drive from baltimore area, from washington, from our core market area, and even up into pennsylvania. and people, you know, they appreciate that. it's a short drive, it's a three-hour drive, and it gives them an opportunity to spend all the time at the beach or enjoying themselves. >> with gas prices as they are. >> we're only a half a tank away, so that helps. we offer a lot of free events at ocean city all summer along to add value to that vacation experience. >> you've got something big coming up next weekend you want to talk about. >> we do. starting july 21st through the 24th, the due tour is going to be in ocean city. that's like a version of the x-games. they only have four stops in this country this year, and ocean city is the first time they've ever going to be at an atlantic beach resort. they're going to wreck a 10,000 seat stadium right out on the beach in ocean city. >> and this is the first time it's happened? >> first time it's happened in ocean city on an east coast
11:27 am
destination. there's only three other stops this whole year in the dew tour. some of the finest young athletes in the world will be there. shawn white will be there. this is one of those events that will be attractive to everybody. >> we can tell people, they can get tickets by going to, is that right? >>, or, which is our city website, and that will direct you to where you want to go. but it's going to be a great weekend. they're actually starting to erect the stadium today in ocean city. we have our groundbreaking coming up, but on the 21st, the action will start right out on the beach. >> fantastic. tell us about the slogan, "free for all in ocean city," what does that mean? >> what we've decided to do, we have so many free events in ocean city that we offer, we have free concerts on the beach, we have free concerts at north side park and sunset park. we have all kinds of activities, movies on the beach. and so many things that we decided to create a sub-website, where people can go to find just all the free events, all the promotions being offered by
11:28 am
different businesses in ocean city. so if you go to, you can plan your vacation and decide what you want to do in ocean city to really maximize your vacation experience. >> ocean city mayor, rick meehan, always great to have you. >> great to be here. >> a lot of people always like to go to ocean city. >> and we love seeing them and welcome them back for the summer of 2011. >> and people can get more information on free events by going >> thank you, barbara. good to see you. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," heat advisory, we're not only ones suffering this morning. plus, keep bug s away withot
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the smelly spray.
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right now on "news 4 midday," crews in montgomery county are trying to clear mud and debris after last night's rain so they can repair a gas
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leak off i-270. a beam hit the gas main yesterday, causing authorities to shut down the interstate in both directions in clarksburg. that road has since reopened. the mercury is rising as we approach a record breaker today. a heat advisory starts at noon. the district is taking precautions. d.c. traffic and recycling crews picked up trash earlier today than usually to avoid the stream heat of the day. the department of public works says it wants to protect the health of its employees. the dangerous heat isn't just an issue for the washington region. oppressive heat is on tap for almost half the country, with heat advisories in place today from texas to connecticut. and temperatures that could feel as high as 115 degrees. nbc's mara schiavocampo reports. >> reporter: it's the summer sizzle that just won't stop. >> it's been horrible. horrible. >> reporter: dallas faciing its
11:33 am
tenth straight day of 100-degree temperatures. >> look at the numbers. right up into the triple digits as we head into the afternoon. >> reporter: oklahoma city stuck on broil for almost two straight weeks. >> i carry a container of juice and a contain over water froze orphan my house every day when i leave so i can stay hydrated until i get back home. >> reporter: and now the east coast is bracing itself from georgia to connecticut. heat advisories have been issued for temperatures today that will feel as high as 105. leaving these kids in philadelphia to seek some cool in the pool. >> this is some oppressive and dangerous heat affecting more than 20 states and more than 90 million people. >> reporter: the heat isn't just widespread, it's deadly. the mobile home of a 51-year-old illinois man reached dangerously high temperatures when the air-conditioner broke sunday, causing him to have a fatal heatstroke. in milwaukee, several runners are just getting out of the hospital after suffering
11:34 am
heat-related illnesses during a half marathon sunday. >> people were falling down on that bridge. i had to stop in the middle of it to help somebody who collapsed in front of me. >> reporter: monday in little rock, arkansas, where temperatures hit 102, many lined up outside a nonprofit agency to apply for help with their electricity bills, a desperate effort to stay cool with no end to the heat in sight. >> all right. let's check in again with tom. so, tom, how hot is it going to get and for how long? >> well, we may have record-breaking heat here by later this afternoon. already, we are cooking. and you can just kind of tell by looking at this picture, live from our sky watcher camera, with off on the horizon is northern fairfax county, on the left. on the right is southern loudoun county, in the foreground. northwest washington. and that sun just pouring down. and much of the region, these are the temperatures at the official -- at the airports that were taken about 40 minutes ago. so it has warmed up even from these upper 80s to near 90.
11:35 am
we're probably in the low 90s throughout most of the region right now. and the morning clouds have moved off to the south and east, and we may have a few popping up later this afternoon. some of which might produce some thunder and lightning and a brief downpour. that would be late afternoon into the evening. there's always a small chance of that. before then, though, up towards 100. the record is 99 set on this date back in 1908. and on wednesday, some lower humidity beginning to move in, slowly during the day, but it's going to be another hot day, not as hot as today, but lower humidity by the afternoon. and lower humidity with cooler temperatures, and a small chance of a storm over the weekend saturday and sunday afternoons. that's the way it looks right now, pat. >> all right. thanks, tom. the d.c. lottery is jumping on the food truck bandwagon. starting friday, you can buy tickets from the d.c. lottery's mobile truck. it will, parked on hats street down near nates park. the goal is to cash in and
11:36 am
increase ticket sales, especially during the lunchtime rush. now, if this is successful, the d.c. lottery says it's going to roll out more of those trucks. and now to an exclusive news 4 exclusive, pepco's president is speaking out today about the recent survey that ranked the utility the worst company in america. pepco was dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service and high rates. >> i don't agree with the characterization, but i do take it seriously. and we are working very hard to improve the quality of service for our customers. our reputation is tarnished. those are the things we have to work on. >> he went on to say that the company will spend $500 million in the next five years to improve infrastructure and service, and the improvements include adding staff, replacing wires, and trimming trees. today the d.c. council is expected to vote on a salary cap for police chief kathy linear
11:37 am
and school chancellor, kaya henderson. the measure would cap linear's salary at its current level, nearly $250,000. researchers have briefed congress on the threat that bedbugs pose to people. experts say the tiny insects can cause a variety of physical and mental health issues, as well as economic consequences. there have already been a few meetings discussing ways to get rid of bedbugs, which are growing more resistant to pesticides. officials say education and awareness are the keys to fighting infestations. mosquitos used to be viewed as just a nuisance, but outbreaks of such mosquito-born illnesses as west nile virus have changed that. dr. sheryl burgess joins us this morning to talk about protecting yourself from summer bites. and about some of the newest repellants out there on the market. good morning. >> good morning. >> i must say, i've been
11:38 am
scratching all over. you know, i've got bedbug -- not bedbugs, but mosquito bites everywhere. because mosquitos love my skin for whatever reason. but one of the things that many people worry about is west nile. we understand it's not a big problem in fairfax this year, but is it one of the biggest dangers? >> well, yeah. periodically, up and down the east coast, we do see cases of it, and usually it's reported on the news, so we do know if it's in our area, but it's not just this general area. it can be as for a up north to new england. that is probably the most common condition that we see in the united states outside of other countries like malaria is transmitted by mosquitos. so there are a lot of things we need to protect yourself. every time you're bitten, you don't have to be afraid that you're going to get west nile. >> right, but you will scratch. >> you will scratch. that's a hypersensitivity reaction that can be easily
11:39 am
treated with a topical cortizone, like cortaid or cortizone 10 you can get at the local supermarket. but our main thing is to prevent mosquito bites. >> one i wanted to ask you about, off! has come out with a clip-on repellant. we've got a sample there. >> yes, this is the off! device here, and i'm not sure which device you're showing on the screen there. but the off! device, you can get it really, i think i got mine at target or what have you. but you can get them anywhere and it uses a cartridge that goes in, and you just clip it on your belt, or if you're sitting at the table, you can just -- >> show it here. this is your version. >> yes. and i'm going to tell you, i am the type of person where the mosquitos just love me as well, and i get the biggest reactions
11:40 am
at the site of a bite. this little device truly -- i use it myself. it has worked wonders. so i'm not sure, you know, i'm not trying to promote it or anything, but i just tell people to try it. this is what i've been recommending to a lot of people. and it's just a little fan. there are two aa batteries in it, and it pretty much makes a fog or a scent around you. you don't smell it, though. that's what i like about it. >> it creates like a bug-repellant shield around you. >> yes. >> a force field. >> and it's pretty invisible. the motor is so light, you don't have hear that going. so that's one thing. and then clothing. a lot of people don't know you can get insect or bug-repellant clothing. and these are treated with prometherin. it's a chemical that's laced into the clothing. sometimes it's citronella or eucalyptus or offending scents that bugs do not like.
11:41 am
>> can you watch wash that out? >> you can wash these clothings up to 70 times before you wash them out. they also have ultraviolet sun protection qualities as well, to anywhere between a 30 and a 50. so it's not only repelling bugs, it's helping with sun protection. so these types of clothing can be purchased online, certain hiking, like, rei, those types of stores do sell that type ofs merchandise for campers and people who are in the outdoors. >> now, most people use spray, you know, off! there are other brands, of course. is that the best -- is that one of the best products to use? and is deet safe for everyone? >> well, there is always controversy about deet, but it is used in the united states, so we do have a lot of products with it. but these chemicals are actually sprayed directly on the skin. so people do have allergic contact dermatitis reactions.
11:42 am
so that's what we have to be concerned on. the main reason why i brought up the clothing and these little devices here that we have, it allows people to have other choices to repel the insects and not have to spray something on the skin. >> okay. and i spray it on my clothes. finally, i wanted to ask you whether the spray works for ticks. >> there are some for ticks, yes. the tick, though, is -- it's a little bit more difficult once it latches on to you, it stays. so that's different than a mosquito who's kind of swarming around you or nates or the biting flies that are around you. it so uses different treatments. the main thing for ticks is clothing to prevent them from attaching on to your skin, because they will sit there and they'll suck. >> and when they do attach, you need to pull them off. >> you need to pull them off. there's a special way you should pull them off, though, don't just pull them, because you'll leave the pincers in the skin. the best way is to take a
11:43 am
tweezer and to grab it around the pincers and it will lift up like that and you'll pull it out of the skin. >> dr. cheryl burgess, have a happy summer. still ahead on "news 4 midday," beer by the area code. the company looking at that idea. plus, interested in looking like a princess? like a princess? some of empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style,
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now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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we know 202 as washington's area code, but if anheuser-busch has its way, it could also become the name of a beer. the brewery recently bought the goose island 312 urban wheat ale brand of beer. now, that beer gets its name from chicago's area code. now the beer maker is trying to trademark the area codes of several major u.s. cities, including washington's 202. a 202 beer might look something like this. other cities on anheuser-busch's list include miami and san francisco. there's a total of 15 cities in all. investors are keeping their eyes on washington again today for the latest on a debt compromise, debt limit. let's check in now with cnbc's mandy drury. she joins us live with that and the rest of the day's business news. >> good morning. the stocks have come well off their lows, despite initially
11:47 am
look like they were going to head for a triple digit decline at the open. the market is trying to look past all the worries about the eastern european debt crisis. if i can show you what's happening, the dow was managing to move in positive territory up by 29 points. the s&p is also in positive territory. the nasdaq is, however, very slightly lower. regardless of what's happening in europe, you were mentioning we are not out of the woods here at home. we are exactly three weeks away from the august 2nd debt deadline. neither the democrats nor the republicans are showing signs that we're in for any kind of speedy agreement. you know, party leaders are expected back at the white house for more talks this morning. also in economic news, surging oil imports, boosting the trade deficit to over $50 billion in may. and that was much wider than wall street forecast. we're also watching stocks of chipmakers falling after novella systems missed revenue expectations late yesterday and said it expects bookings to continue to fall as chipmakers are cutting back on capacity. i want to finish on some good
11:48 am
news, though, from the auto sector with volkswagen selling a record 4 million vehicles in the first half of 2011 and they are hoping to sell a total of 10 million vehicles over the course of the year. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. well, today baseball's best will take the field for the annual midsummer classic, the 2011 all-star game. and it's an opportunity for fresh faces to show their stuff. half of the 68 players chosen for the all-star game are appearing for the very first time, including nats' pitcher tyler clifford. home team advantage for the world series is also on the line. and the american league is trying to take back the title after losing last year for the first time since 1996. that game will air tonight at 8:00 on fox. the true sluggers got the opportunity to show off their bats last night during one of the most popular events of all-star week. yankees' second baseman, robinson cano, won the annual
11:49 am
home run derby with 12 home runs in the final round. and it was a family affair. his father, jose, tossed him all 32 home run balls he hit last night. cano's opponent, red sox first baseman, adrian gonzalez, hit the most memorable ball tonight, right into the pool in right field. can check that out. a fan actually dives in to catch it. another dive by another fan, however, made for a scary moment and a near-repeat of a tragic accident that we saw last week. watch at the top of the screen, milwaukee brewer prince fielder hits a home run to right field and fan keith carmichael reaches over an upper railing to try to catch the ball. here it is again. as carmichael reaches over, he falls over the railing, but he's caught by a friend and his brother who grab on to his arms and legs. the fall comes less than a week after a rangers' fan died after falling over a railing while trying to catch a ball tossed to him.
11:50 am
our time now is 11:49. coming up, duchess kate's best looks. plus, meteorologist tom kierein. we'll
11:51 am
11:52 am
now that the royal couple is back home and gives us a chance to look back at some of the duchess' most stylish outfits, the ones that she wore during her time in canada and in
11:53 am
california. catherine boyle from fashion washington joins us this morning to tell us how we can pull off some of these looks. >> good to see you, pat. >> welcome. yes. >> thanks for having me. >> what i love about her, everyone loves to watch her, you know, her clothes. and she's really sort of setting fashion trends for us. she wore lots of interesting outfits and we'll look at two of the dresses. this first dress is that really nice white dress with that interesting scalloped hemline, and then the hat. >> yes, the hat that everyone's talking about. >> is it a fascinator? >> a little straw fascinator, made by a british company, and it has maple leafs all over it. it was probably the most talked about outfit, because it was so patriotic. she wore it on canada day in ottawa. she kind of looked like the canadian flag. she also wore the same white reece dress she wore in her engagement photos. it's a nice nod to the fact that
11:54 am
she is -- >> recycling? >> yes, and recycling during a recession. >> this is a more conservative dress. this is, i believe, a katherine walker dress, which is also one of princess diana's favorite designers. and she wears a lot of sleeves. i don't think we've seen her in one sleeveless sheathe, maybe once on the entire tour. so she has a conservative style. and women will be very happy she's bringing sleeves back into style. a lot of women don't want to show off their arms. >> but after michelle obama went to the white house, a lot of women have been showing off. >> that's very true. but a lot of women don't have michelle obama's arms, unfortunately. >> this is true. let's take a look at three more. starting with a dress with a laced top, i believe that's. >> yes, and lace is such an important trend for spring. and this is actually from her closet, from 2006. she bought it at whistle. >> so it's old. >> yeah, she's been recycling all of these trends, which shows you that these trends come back into style. that was five years ago, but it really looks lovely. she paired wit a cream skirt.
11:55 am
this is what she wore the last day she was in california. >> a nice casual look, but this is nice and formal. >> this was the knock outlook. an alexander mcqueen ball gown. very similar to the second dress she wore on her wedding day, shows off her tiny, tiny waist. she had sleeves put on the dress. she's bringing back a very conservative neckline and it still looks fabulous on her. >> and we have her dressed in floral, a floral print. >> yes, this is a jenny packum dress, and this was the one day she didn't wear panty hose. it's part of royal protocol that all royal women have to wear panty hose. so we never saw her in sheer panty hose until she became a princess, and apparently panty hose sales in london have gone up 90% since then. >> a lot of women don't like wearing panty hose in the heat. lace is a big trend, and it's a trend that seems to never go out of style. >> you can wear it in different
11:56 am
ways now. i think most people think of lace and they think it has to be frilly or something you wear in the evening, but now it's a daytime staple. you can wear it over a beautiful long dress, or all lace dress with cap sleeves. if you wear a lace blouse, you can wear it under a bomber jacket with jeans. mix and match it with more edgier pieces and make it more updated. >> the looks are all great. she's doing for fashion, i guess what mrs. obama has done for fashion. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> they're setting their own trend. >> setting a style that works on so many women. >> katherine boyle from fashion washington. >> thanks so much for having me. coming up at 4:00 this afternoon, we are all trying to beat the heat on the dangerously hot day as washington braces for near-record temperatures, we're not alone. more on the heat wave spreading across the country. also today at 4:00, we are -- we all know that fatty foods can taste really good, but
11:57 am
can you get addicted to fatty foods? some scientists say yes, and they now know how to fight that addiction. tonight on news 4 at 5:00, from the beach to the board room, when is it appropriate to wear flip-flops to work and who should leave those at home? we'll have those stories and all the latest. and time now, let's get the latest on our heat. tom? >> it is heating up, pat. there's a live picture of capitol hill. we've got that bright sun pouring down. here's another view of washington from our sky watcher camera. that is showing the blue sky overwashington. you can see the summer haze there. and we have temperatures today, these are the highs expected throughout most of virginia and maryland, the eastern shore, we will be in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees here just in another maybe three or four hours. right now we're already climbing into the low 90s, and we've had the morning clouds clearing out and bringing us plenty of sun for the rest of the afternoon. then a few clouds may build by late afternoon and this evening, produce a little thunder or lightning, maybe a brief downpour. small chance of that.
11:58 am
before then, though, near 100. the record's 99. then tomorrow, gradually getting less humid, but still a rather hot day. lower humidity, highs in the 80s on friday and saturday, sunday, and monday, as well as thursday, all the way through the weekend, we should have not a lot of humidity around, morning lows in the 60s, afternoon highs in the 80s. and monday, up near 90. that's the way it looks. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> and tom, this is not the hottest day of the year so far, is it? >> no, we had that already back in early june. >> all right, thank you, tom. stay cool. thank you for watching "news 4 midday." be sure to come back and join us at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, and you stay cool. [ female announcer ] did you know
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